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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by someguyhere, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. someguyhere

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    Sep 6, 2016
    we noticed a little blood on the feathers of one of our ducks. I grabbed him and looked him over, mostly looking in his feathers and my wife noticed his foot was bleeding. I guess he was laying on it and thats how he got the blood on his feathers. so anyways his back claw by his heel has been ripped off. at the time i looked at him before lock up it appeared to have stopped bleeding so I just let him go to bed with the others for tonight. think I should be worried about it ? it doesnt seem to be bothering him and doesnt appear to be in pain. I feel bad just doing nothing about it but what is there really I can do ? I thought about wrapping it but he is already sketchy as it s, I doubt he is going to leave anything wrapped on his feet. think he will be ok ?
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    Oct 6, 2016
    So his back toenail was pulled off? If so, ducks are actually quite hardy and he should come thru this without serious issues. Ducks don't tend to like bandages and dressings. I would suggest just keep an eye on it. Provide clean water for him to bath in and bedding is better than him walking thru mud. I know here we are finally receiving rain & while the ducks love it, it does make for muddy pens unless one stays on top of them.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your ducks.
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  3. someguyhere

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    Sep 6, 2016
    yes thanks it was a toe nail I guess , I dont know all the duck terms lol. I looked at it again this morning and everything looks fine, cant really notice unless you know there should be a little scratcher there. no swelling no bleeding. we have been getting some rain and snow will be here friday. I cant wait to see what they think of that. I do keep a couple little-covered hideouts for them that I keep full of fresh dry straw they hang out in if the weather gets to bad. thanks again for the rply :)
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    I agree with Pinoak as long as you keep the area around him clean he should be fine, maybe spray it with a little vertricine and peroxide if it starts to look bad, but i would go ahead and just spray some vertricine on it anyway.
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