Early breeding?


Oct 13, 2018
Sallisaw, OK
So I was outside watching the chickens like I normally do and something strange happened one of my known roosters went up to an suspected pullet suspected pullet squatted rooster climbed on top. Now these chickens are not laying yet so is this just practice breeding what are my chickens doing?


Free Ranging
5 Years
Feb 14, 2014
Consett Co.Durham. UK
How old are your "roosters" and how many males and females do you have. If they are just approaching sexual maturity, the dynamics of your flock are probably about to change quite rapidly and probably not for the better. Too many adolescent males can make for a lot of stress on the girls. Whilst this girl is obviously cooperating and inviting the rooster to mate her, there is a possibility that she will get severely over mated if you have more than one cockerel in the flock.


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5 Years
Jul 6, 2016
NW Washington state
This actually makes me super eggcited but I don’t have her a nest yet I guess I better get one made and put in there for her
Yes, definitely get a nest box. They are easy to make from scrap lumber, you can by them ready made, or you can get creative. If you have an old pet carrier, you can use one of those, too. Just remember to put in hay or wood shavings.

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