Eggsongs ... what do your girls sound like?

Mace Gill

May 26, 2017
New Jersey
When one of mine start 'singing', The rooster joins in.

The sound is halfway between 'pride' and 'murder'.

I like it, But it is an assault on the ears!

What do your girls sound like?
Only my Welsummer girls get too loud, sound like they are being murdered...the rest are pretty quiet.
Im pretty sure my BSL lost her voice because she was so loud all her life,I mean loud,she no longer is able to make this sounds and hr voice is low and crackly,anyone know what happen,was she too loud when younger?
Are you sure she's still laying? Laying slows down as they age, some will still give eggs even after four, but less frequently. Her voice might just be because she's aging

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