Emu needs help hatching!

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    Apr 13, 2019
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    I have an emu chick and it poked the first hole two days ago. The whole has increased in size to about the size of 5 quarters layed out next to each other. It's a little less than half of the egg that the emu has already pushed out. The emu has been like this for about two days now. Should I help it come out by removing some of the eggshell? It's breathing and every 5-10 minutes it tries kicking the egg but does not seem like it is able to open the rest of the egg since the beak is already outside of the egg. The emu is still in the incubator. Should I move it? Should I lower the temperature?? I really don't want it to die. How many days after it makes the first hole does it start eating normal food? Emu food, greens, worms, etc... Please Help! I have attached a picture.

    Thank You soo much!
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    If it's like my peacock I helped it a took small pieces of the shell off a little at a time as if it was doing it itself but if you see any blood stop immediately and put a damp warm cloth on it wait a hour or so and repeat that what I do with my ducks, geese, and my peacock

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