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Jun 27, 2008
I went to my local re-store yesterday hoping to find a scrap of vinyl flooring but they don't carry that and so instead I bought 15 vinyl tiles (.10 each) and I'm hoping I can simply lay them down on the floor of the coop too make cleaning easier. They are heavy and my plan is to lay them out but not glue them down - ans see if they shift. I realize liquid could get down between the cracks but since I'm not gluing then down, I can take them out for yearly cleanings. Has anyone else used vinyl floor times without actually gluing them down?
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Unless you put a tremendous depth of bedding over top and the chickens never dig and you never walk or scrape on the floor, they WILL shift, probably quite soon in fact.

You can try doing this, but I pretty much guarantee you won't liiiiike it... and then when you change your mind and want to glue them down after all, you will have to do major serious cleaning/scrubbing of the coop floor to get the glue to stick well.

Even with them glued down, do not count on them staying glued all that well over time, unless you use a heavyduty adhesive and it's a reach-in small coop in a moderate climate.

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Apr 9, 2008
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Is there a particular reason you don't want to glue them down?

I am slightly suspicious of those individual tile floors. When you have an opportunity for water/moisture to seep down between (or under) the tiles, you could end up with a mold issue. Gross.

When I was building my coop, I couldn't find a solid floor that I liked (goof ball), so I just ended up painting the floor with oil-based primer and then 3 coats of the sam exterior paint that covers the walls. It was cheap, accomplished the goal of sealing the floor, and truth be told, you never really see the floor anyways if you use the deep litter method.

But I guarantee that if you don't glue down those tiles, then the first time you go out to "fluff" up their shavings, you'll fluff up their floor with it. Could end up being more aggrevation than it would be worth.


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Feb 27, 2008
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Another option is to use the sheet vinyl flooring from your house. My wife was only mad at me for a few days, but it made a great floor for the chicken coop.

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