Follow the blind leader.

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    Aug 14, 2008
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    I have a potential problem with my flock. I think my Polish has taken a dominant role or something and the rest of the chickens and guineas follow it around everywhere. They are all too young for my inexperienced eye to tell their sex so maybe it's a roo and he is just doing what's natural.???. What I'm curious about is this; If he(?) can't half ass see because of the fuzz up top, will he(?) eventually lead them into trouble??? Does any of this make any sense or am I just paranoid?
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    Jul 30, 2008
    I have a polish hen named Wrongway:lol:, does that tell you anything??????

    I don't think the polish will lead them into any trouble like over the edge of cliff or anything but if they are relying on it to spot predators especially birds of prey they are in BIG TROUBLE.

    Quit story about Wrongway.

    I let my chickens free range only when I am at home and can keep an eye on them. Well one day I was sitting in the dining room watching the chickens and in a blink they all took off like bats out of he&^ for the coop all except Wrongway, she just stood there looking around wondering what had gotten everyone else in such a panic. Then just that quick I saw what terrified them it was a redtailed hawk and it actually light on the ground. Wrongway then spotted the hawk not 15 feet from her, she freaked, took flight, (yes polish have "decent" flight skills) and flew smack dab into a big oak tree. It dazed her and if it were not for me she would have been dinner for the hawk for sure.

    I must admit after the hawk flew off and everyone was ok I had to just laugh out loud because it was quit funny.
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