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10 Years
Feb 13, 2009
Los Gatos, CA
For a month now I've been eating my homegrown barred rocks, which are so so so tasty. Every recipe I make with them is better than anything I've had before; they are like chickens+30%. I marvel about it every time I put one into my mouth. They are awesome.

Today at work they fed us roasted chickens for lunch. Industrial chickens, bulk-pack tyson specials, baked simply with a little olive oil and rosemary. I had a wing and half a breast. The meat was pale and squishy, almost spongy, and it tasted like...nothing, and weird, at the same time. I couldn't eat it.

I guess I am doomed to raise chickens for the rest of my life.

That's why "tastes like chicken" is such a common description of nondescript meat... because industrial chicken tastes like nothing, it can taste like anything.

I'm with you... give me a home grown, well-aged chicken any day.
Yep, it's very difficult for DH & I to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, catered event, luncheon, etc. We have our own beef, chicken AND pork. We're ruined, spoiled.

ETA: I order seafood when faced with a menu. LOL
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We're new to chickens as of last June. In November, we dispatched an extra B.O. roo, and ate him. Oh my goodness! He was delicious!
The following week was Thanksgiving, and the store bought turkey had nowhere near the flavorfulness or texture of that chicken.
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