FOUND 8 Muscovy duck eggs! 2 are turning dark need advice please.


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Nov 28, 2019
My favorite muscovy duck was killed by a raccoon close to my front yard. I was thinking about it, wondering why she was always hanging out by the front of my house and not by the water. I thought maybe she had a nest. Sure enough, I took a look around and found her nest.

I recovered 8 eggs in good shape. They went about 5 days without the mother. I live in Florida so the lowest it got at night was in the low 60s F, which is sadly colder than it usually gets and they were presumably not turned. I made a makeshift incubator with a heating light I have it set around 99 degrees and the humidity is about 50%. I cleaned the eggs off as well.

When I candled them they are very dark with a few small veins towards the air pocket. They seem very developed but I can't seem to see any movement so I'm not sure if they are alive in there. I did the float test and 4 floated correctly and 4 sank, I'm keeping them all just in case. One of the other eggs was really broken when I found the 8 and there were flies on it so I went ahead and opened it and the duckling inside looked very mature almost ready to hatch and had the yolk attached to it about half its size.

I've had them incubated for 4 days now and since yesterday 2 of the floaters have become shadowed. You can see through the egg a differentiate between the duck and the air pocket. I've been doing a lot of research on people who get bruises but this seems maybe different. I'm posting a picture so you guys can see and let me know if I can do anything I can do.

I really want these little guys to make it. Do you think they have a chance? I appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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