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Feb 20, 2021
Greetings many people wandering in the universe! :wee
I have been looking for pictures of bioactive gecko setups, particularly flying gecko setups, but since they're not that common, I don't expect much help. Anyway, if you can, upload pics of geckos and their setups here! :ya:clap

No swearing, being weird (lol), or not liking geckos! :old


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May 7, 2020
Bermuda Triangle
I plan on setting up a bio active sometime for my Mediterranean House gecko. It'll probably look something like this

Snake Discovery has a great video on setting up bioactives on YouTube. She also mentions some good products.

In not too sure what a flying geckos needs would be, though I would imagine they'd do great in a bioactive.
You might be able to find some ideas on Pinterest, but seeing as the are so uncommon it might be difficult.

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