Golden Laced Orpington Project - Updated pictures on page 5

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13 Years
Apr 18, 2007
For those that have been following this project for the last few years, I am posting some new pictures taken yesterday.

This is a group picture of some of the birds in the project pen. Notice that the rooster in front still has spangling where as the rooster behind him has nice lacing coming in. These two roosters are 6-9 months old. Notice the hens a the various coloring.

This is a close up of one of the hens feathering. It is very pretty but not what I am working toward.

This is a picture of a pullet still in the grow out pen. She is almost prefect.

This little roosters doesn't look like much now but I believe he will be a very nice laced bird when he grows into himself. He has some nice size for his age.

This is another picture of the rooster in picture one. I attempted to get a picture of the lacing on the chest.

In summary the project is coming along nicely, I am still getting a lot of birds with various coloration and lacing but I am very close. The skin color is white, the combs are getting the Orpington type, most birds have the nice size and roundness of Orpingtons. Enjoy.
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How exciting! They are coming along nicely for sure. Thanks so much for sharing pics of their progress with us and keep up the great work.
I have been working on these for four years. I am in the sixth generation. I have some interesting off shoots from this project , my silver laced project and my lemon blue. I have one hen that is very much Wheaten looking and several that have birchen coloring. I will see if I can get some pictures of them posted.

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