Gray spot on hard boiled eggs?


9 Years
Feb 28, 2013
All my hard boiled eggs had this one gray spot on the yolk. What is it?
It didn't really show up much when opened. I was thinking just meat spot as well. They're still new layers. Do you think the meat spots will lessen as they go? It doesn't bother me. I ate it I'm just about to start selling my eggs and I'm so paranoid ppl are going to be grossed out or question these things lol Why aren't store bought eggs like this?
Store bought eggs are not like this due to high power candling. Anything remotely questionable becomes bagged egg liquid or powdered egg and then generally gets sold in bulk and then cooked into things like processed foods we buy at the store, prepackaged cookies, breads, etc.
Oh my goodness that's crazy! But makes so much sense! Do you guys have experience explaining this to people you sell eggs to? Or is it really an issue?
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