Happy chicken sounds? Or not?

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  1. Remmythehun

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    Apr 26, 2017
    I have 5 chicks who are 3 weeks old today. I got them 3 days ago (Sunday) and I think they are starting to warm up to me. No idea about the sexes but two of them are significantly bigger than the rest. Last night they all were cuddling up on my arm but the two big ones ran up my shoulder and starting snuggling into my neck! they were doing that thing where they try to tunnel themselves under another chick but into the back of my neck Lol. It was so funny and one of them was making this kind of deep clunky noise while it did it. I am guessing this is a sound of something like happiness but I just want to be sure so if anyone knows please tell me! I started thinking since they are the big chickens it might also be a dominance thing which would be bad so I had to come and ask. So my questions are: what does it mean? Is it normal? And does it mean anything that one chick was making the sound and one wasn't even though they were doing the same thing? Thanks in advance!
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    Hello and Welcome to BYC, so glad to have you join us.

    If they are all eating, drinking pooping and acting normal, then I would not be concerned.

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