HELP! Lethargic hen, yellow watery poop, drinking a lot.

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    Hi, I have a red-cross hen who has been lethargic for the past few days. She is drinking a lot of water. we just started giving her probiotic. her poop is yellow and watery with pale yellow curdles (kinda like tiny scrambled eggs). Her waddles are shriveled. I tried feeling her crop and it was full of water, she's been drinking a lot though so that's probably the cause. Her tail is drooped, her whole lower body is actually drooped. She's not really moving a lot and she keeps holding her eyes closed.
    We tried opening her beak and smelling it but we couldn't really smell anything.

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    How old is your hen? It sounds like she may be an internal layer. The yellow droppings probably are egg material. This is a common illness, and unfortunately doesn't have a very good outcome much of the time. There is quite a bit of material written about this if you Google internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis, or if you enter those words at the top of this page in the search box.
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    I agree.

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