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My fish is swimming upside down at the bottom of his tank, we moved him to a smaller glass but he is still doing this, he seems a if he wants to swim but he is just flopping, his movement are jerky and he has been like this for a couple hours. Is it just old age or something else?
I tried this other website but they wanted money, please try to help I changes his water and fed him a pea. Is there any way to save him?

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I experienced something similiar with my goldfish before. They were floating at the bottom of the tank. They could hardy swim and looked bloated. I found out they had swim bladder disease. (I say 'they' because it has happened twice. At different times though.) I fed them peas. And it didnt do anything. But I do remember someone giving me a link to a really good website about goldfish diseases. I will try to find it.
Good luck with your fishy.
I searched online and couldnt find anything. I remember someone told me before when my fish was sick to check the PH levels in my tank. You may want to do that. I am not a fish expert by any means, all of my answers are based on my own experience. Also, did you ever do a 100% water change in your tank? I know that this is bad for fish. I wonder if he is shocked. Maybe the water is too cold or too hot?
Salt baths help w/ dropsy. get some water from the tank its in and add 4 tbsp of non-iodized table salt/ gallon. leave him in there for 15 min then slowly add fresh water for the next 15 min. then put him back in his tank.
Yes, he has dropsy, we are getting medicated fish food and giving him salt baths, he seems to be swimming more actively now but still appears to be weak. Thank you everybody for giving comments and advice, my fish would surely be dead without your help.

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