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Mar 28, 2018
Los Banos, Ca
I need brains. Cute, creative, awesome duck brains! And who better to ask than the duck masters here.

We just booked booked a NY camping trip. Not because we wanted to go camping, but because on the 2nd, they’re having a “Pet Parade”

Yes. We are the ding dongs that are going camping so Chuck and Buck can be in a parade. But that’s beside the point....

So I need cute ideas. Everyone else will have their dogs so Chuck and Buck will be in their red wagon for safety but anything cute we can “dress up” the wagon, and possibly Chuck and Buck for their parade debut? They hate hats so that is out of the question.

The boys need to look their best and I am sooooo not creative. Matching or no? Themed costumes/wagon? Make James dress up with them? Help! Get those creative juices flowing!
I am not a duck expert, I don't even have ducks. But dressing poultry up for a parade... That is the cutest idea I've ever heard and I would love to be a part of it.
I think you should go matching, pick a theme and revolve everything around that.
I will think and think and think on how to best dress up ducks and get back to you.
If I may suggest-

Also maybe since there’s two, a wedding?


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How about a glitzy, glamorous New Year’s Eve Hollywood party “float.” Have a black skirt along the bottom of the float and make sure the float is long enough to include a Red Carpet for Chuck and Buck. Some kind of back drop or overhead of the famous HOLLYWOOD sign along with glittery champagne glasses ‘clinking’ a toast and a couple of big black spot lights pointing toward the two “stars.” Chuck and Buck can be dressed in only a black bow tie. :love Minimal costume because you want people to see that the participants are DUCKS!

ETA: and James could be like Ryan Seacrest, holding a microphone and interviewing the stars...and pulling the float.
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