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  1. [ Quote From My Other Post] Thank you but I'm finished with chickens for now I just can't take it anymore . A week ago two died from being chopped up by a harvesting machine and my dad had to put the not quite dead one out of it's misery . Eaglet died this morning and now the dramatic death of my silkie . Two more are also missing even though I plugged all the escape holes . My last flock from a half a year ago also got whiped out gnats,predator then heat stroke from being trapped beneath a container eather placed there purposely or tipped on top..............
    Six left but two are missing...
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    You said you don’t want to inspect her, but that really is the best way to figure out what happened, which is very important to know.

    And as stated above, the bug sprays you’ve been using really don’t work well at all. Permethrin really is the best for this stuff. I’d give it a go if I were you. You want to try anything that could help.
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    When you move and start again - which I SERIOUSLY hope you do, because it sounds like you really love your birds - I have a suggestion for your coop/run. It could get pricey, if you have to buy "new," but could save you a lot of heartache if you stay in your gnat-swarming area.
    Once you've done the usual predator-proofing (dig-barriers, locks, plugging entry holes & such,) add regular screening to the insides of your coop openings - not as a serous predator barrier, but to help keep the gnats down & out. Whenever the girls are locked in their coop, you'll only have to spray once, to get rid of any bugs inside, then they'll have a clear night/afternoon/whatever to rest peacefully - without millions of nagging little biters.
    For your run, keep an eye out for old screen doors or rolls of vinyl screening to wrap over your run wire. I've actually put screening over the insides of my coop windows and doors. I can't easily do the runs, but that hasn't been a huge issue, yet. Still, the screening over the doors & ventilation areas has definitely kept the flies down in my coop. Every little bit helps!
    Good Luck, moving forward ... and more hugs coming your way ...
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    Looks like a fantastic life and beautiful birds to boot! Thank you for sharing. :love :hugs:hugs:hugs

    I copied/pasted instead of quoting, so we could all see that pic again. :D
  5. Thanks to all of you......:hugs:hugs:hugs You're compassion was a glowing ember on this dark day.......
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    :hugs your very welcome thats what a good community does :love BYC
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    This is a good community. And we all hope you’ll try again after you’re over the shock.

    I have a few gnats and I’m keeping a close eye on the situation. I treated with permethrin last week and probably will again tomorrow, thanks to your posts.

  8. Big Mistake........
    I woke up yesterday morning and relized what a big mistake I had made . I didn't think ANYTHING through . I DO WANT MY CHICKENS . It was just that my freak out about all the deaths made me jump to getting rid of them . It's to late for me to keep all of them but the "new owners" are alowing me to keep at least two . Thank God for that . I'm sad to see the others go but It IS for the best . They seem to escape no matter what I do . I decide on keeping Butterscotch and Goldielocks (my least favorites so I won't be to sad if they die) . I will be getting the spray though so praying that will work . (I'm posting this because I'm going to be posting pictures of thease two and I didn't want you guys to think I lied about everything)
    @Texas Kiki

    (Please tag anyone that names I missed)
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    Many of us will make knee jerk ultimatum type reactions when we are hurting and then realize that's not what we truly want but seemed like the only answer at the time. Changing your mind during times of duress does not make someone a liar. I promise I have considered throwing the towel in on more than one occasion. I'm glad you are reconsidering, we are here to support ya! :thumbsup
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    Beautifully said!!!

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