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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by libjim, Jun 10, 2016.

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    Apr 7, 2016
    I have six Barred Rock chick that are about 4 weeks old. They are almost feathered out . . . just missing a few feathers on the tops of their heads. They've been doing fine in a VERY large cardboard box in the garage. We needed to move them to the coop a bit earlier than I would have liked. The coop is sitting in the garage and it seems to be warm enough for them. Since were are only keeping 3 of the birds, I am only using one nesting box. The other two were removed so the coop has a bit more space for the chickens to move around in. Here's the problem. They've been living with pine shavings up to this point. I put sand on the floor of the coop. Where I removed the nesting boxes, I put down pine shavings. The birds are avoiding the sandy part of the coop. Prior to the move to the coop, they were all roosting at night. I left them this evening all huddle together on the tiny section with the pine shavings. Is it going to take them a while to adjust to the new surrounding? I did a lot of research before deciding on the sandy coop floor. I'm surprised that they are avoiding it. Advice?
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    Chickens hate change. Not only that, they REALLY HATE change!

    It takes time, and you need to be patient, but they will adjust.
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    Try putting a treat (chopped up apple mixed with polenta in some water) a few steps in to the sandy area, they'll figure things out real quick!
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  5. They are totally ready for the coop. Put them in and they will figure it out on their own. Chickens are inquisitive. If one does it the rest will do it too.
    Sand is great for flooring as you can scoop it out with a kitty litter scoop. As a rule I always wait till the chicks start roosting and remove the shavings too sand.
    They will be fine and happy in no time.
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    I just put our 5 week old hens into the coop. The run has run under the coop and in front of it. They seem to love, but none ventured up into coop itself. Do I have put them up in coop at night? Night time temperature is in low 70's.
  7. Yes, the first few nights for sure till they get used to going too bed.
    Herd them in up the ramp. They will be fine. close the pop door and do your feeding in the morning..
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    May 18, 2016
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    it's better to start early.. if not you will have to put a lot of effort into it for the first few days during the transition process

    my chickens are out side in a pen on day one

    so it didn't take them long to get used to their new coop and run
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  9. Awesome!
    Mine since day 5.. Smart little poopers.
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    Just wanted to say I followed all this advice and just about a week in we're in 100% good shape. 2 barred rocks & 3 RIR, put them in there at 4 weeks. They started in the run during the day and coop at night. Amazing how much instinct just takes over and they know what to do.

    The first two nights we did have to round them up and put them in the coop. A couple roosted right away and the other three spent that first night in the pine shavings. By night two all of them started huddling on the roost.

    Just after sunset they start making A LOT OF NOISE, getting their last snacks and water, and heading up the ramp. When things settle down we go over there and close the door. Then the first one up goes and pulls the rope to let them out.

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