Hens bald spots on back


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8 Years
Nov 5, 2011
So far i've seperated the roos from the hens, haven't seen any lice or mites, the egg production is down. What other things could be wrong with the girls?
I noticed that 3 of my 13 hens (one year olds) had some thinning feathers on their backs across the saddle. Then one of the girls became more "raw" looking at the tops of her wing area. I put Rooster Booster product on it thinking that if the roosters were being too rough, this product would discourage the pecking. When I looked closely today, I noticed that there was a bald spot (not raw, just bald) underneath her left wing. What the heck. Are the other girls pecking her out of boredom? She is a Barred Rock. Gentle and easy going. Any ideas my chicken lovers? I do not see any evidence of mites although I did dust her with Diatimatous Earth. They have regular access to dust, dirt and ash baths.

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