Jun 4, 2020
It's my first time incubating eggs and we hit day 22. Out of thirty eggs 11 have hatched and are currently in the brooder. We have only opened the incubator twice so far, once yesterday and once today to assist a hatch. That chick is in the incubator right now and is asleep and breathing but seems to be shivering a bit, is there anything I can do or am I just worrying too much? The other eggs currently in the incubator don't seem to have pipped, I read about some people helping and I was wondering if I should help them or see how it goes. Yesterday we had a few eggs hatch that we didn't even realize had pipped, much less hatched until we came back after a half hour or so. Should we make a safety hole?
Thank you so much
About the chick, the neck is also really curled up, is that because we waited so long? I think the chick was in the egg for about a day to a day and a half before we did anything

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