Do Ducks remind you of puppies?

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Tavia Rose

May 24, 2017
I raised chickens once before and they lasted a while until one of our horses fed them ant poison.
Currently I have a 2.5 to 4 month old mallard (at least i think bc he is small), 2.5 to 4 month old pekin, 6 to 8 week old Khaki Campbell, and 2 nearly 4 week old Cayugas. And 8 chickens of different breeds.
I'm currently facing an issue, only with my mallard, I believe it's a he bc he's very quiet compared to the Pekin he was raised with and he's starting to change colors on certain parts. But, he's currently attacking the chickens and the Pekin, pulling feathers, and eating them. We have been increasing his protein with meal worms but I guess not enough. I'm currently searching the forums to see what I can Do. But wanted to introduce my babies here.
About Poultry Motherhood:
Yes I love them lol.
Mallard is named Ducky Rex.
Pekin is named Pikachu or Sheila when she has an attitude.
Khaki Campbell is named Dude-one
Cayugas are named Samurai and Dwayne the Rock Ducky.
Chicks are Goldy(Orpington), Nugget and KFC(Plymouth/Barred Rocks), Smith and Wesson(Golden Comets?) ,Speed Wing(Brown Sussex), Zachary Binks (Australorp), Tom and Jerry (Plymouth Barred Rocks).
It has been a challenge but also rewarding getting all these babies prepared for long living and adulthood.



7 Years
Mar 20, 2012
Hi and :welcome
They are absolutely adorable-- and great names! I don't have experience with ducks, but I'm sure that the people on the duck forum would be happy to help.
Best of luck and thanks for joining us! :)

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