How did your chickens get there names :) *With Pictures of mine*

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  1. out of all my chickens,I' going to have to choose my 9 week old silkie Lucky [​IMG]

    Okay so, Lucky is the last one left from my first ever lot of hatchings.
    my hen hatched like 13 eggs for her first ever hatch [​IMG]
    all of her bros/sisters died. there were no traces of feathers or anything, no little baby chicken parts.
    they were dissappearing in the night/day time, nothing can get in or out of the coop.
    as they slowly got down to having Lucky and 2 others left.
    so i had them all living inside in a box next to my bed with the hen mind you this all happened in the middle of winter.
    one day my mum took them outside to play and run around with the hen...
    i got home from school...
    i only had one left....
    i was crying my eyes out at this point.
    mum told me that a crow had came along and picked one of them up...
    my mum then locked the other 2 up in the coop... and one went missing... she ran outside, and saved Lucky... thats how she got her name.

    out of 13, only Little Lucky lived.

    This is Lucky:

  2. Silkiesandco

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    Jul 17, 2011
    Canada eh?
    Cute little girl [​IMG] looks like my hen
  3. She looks like a mini version of her mum [​IMG]
    this is her mum:
  4. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Wonderful portrait of a loving chicken owner. Lucky's story is incredible.
  5. Thank you [​IMG]
    I love my little chickens [​IMG]
    they are my non human kids.

    Lucky was very well lucky to be here still

  6. TheSpiceGirls

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    Oct 6, 2010
    Bay Area, CA
    Well, I love a theme.

    I wanted to name my flock The French Cuties and give them names like Saute', Pate', Soufflé, etc. But DH said no way.

    And we tried a few other themes which he shot down. But he liked The Spice Girls as in spices you would find in your kitchen spice cabinet. So we now have Ginger, Pumpkin (we call her Punkin Pie) and Coco. We had a Poppy but she turned out to be a he.

    And I'm already planning for the future and we'll have a Honey (Buff Orpington) and a Mrs. Dash (Barred Rocks).

    We call their house Da Spice Cabinet.

    We just have fun with it.
  7. Hah, they are very cute names [​IMG]

    I have a lot of un named ones right now,but they might be leaving me soon [​IMG]
  8. GardenGal

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    Mar 11, 2011
    Western WA
    Lucky is a doll [​IMG] Our chicken names turned out to be pretty random because there were several people involved in the naming process. And my favorite hen names had to be switched to rooster names! Margaret Hatcher turned into Gregory Peck. And so on [​IMG]
  9. ErikaSmit

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    I love Saute! So cute!

    Mine are all chicken dishes. Roast, Dumpling, Nugget, Salad, Burger, Jerk, Skillet, Piccata, Popcorn, Marsala, PEsto.... It goes on!
    Here's a few.



  10. I know Lucky always has to pose for me.

    The names are very cool [​IMG] and the pictures are so cute

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