How long to quarantine a chicken with Coccidiosis?


Sep 25, 2019
I have a 6 month old bantam polish hen that should signs of Coccidiosis. I first noticed something off when she didn’t come running with the flock to greet me. She’s always been high energy and a bit of a spaz. Spending time with the flock, I noticed her just standing, not Foraging, and she even seemed like she was shivering (but it was about 70°F). I separated her from the flock and brought her inside for fear something was wrong. (I just nursed back to health my 4 year old silkie hen with a prolapsed vent and now I’m on high alert...perhaps I’m a bit of a “mother hen” (pun intended.) The next day she was even worse.
  • Weak, listless not moving around at all! Laying on my lap & seemed to be barely breathing
  • Not drinking
  • A loss of appetite
  • Ruffled feathers
  • Weight loss
  • Diarrhoea
I did my research and started treating her with Amprolium (1.5 tsp of powder: 1 Gal water). Using an eye dropper I gave her drinks every 1-1.5 hours and through the night. 24 hours later she has more energy, 48 hours later she’s starting to drink on her own, and 72 hours later she’s acting like her normal self.
(Sidenote: The rest of the flock all are acting normal, but I have followed the preventive measures recommended in a different post- link below), by adding Amprolium to their water at a different dose.)

I will continue to treat her with the Amprolium water for a total of 7 days before lowering the strength. (She was barely breathing when I first administered it to her. Then I’m planning on following the recommended treatment - -for her and the flock.)

My questions:
1. How long does she need to be Quarantine?
(Started treating with Amprolium 4 1/2 days ago)
2. When she rejoins her sisters do I need to be concerned about the outside nighttime temps? She has been sleeping in our home since her quarantine and since then the evening temps have dropped from 70°F to 50°F.
I don't quarantine for coccidiosis, it's easier to just treat the whole flock with the Corid water on whatever dosage she's on, since they've all been exposed to it, even if they don't show symptoms.

When you bring her back out, make sure to keep an eye on her interactions with flockmates to be sure they still recognize her and accept her. 4 1/2 days doesn't seem like much but chickens can "forget" each other pretty fast. If there's problems, you may have to take steps to reintegrate her more slowly. If you take her out during the day she should be able to adjust to the night temperature well enough.

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