I can hear noises in my Indian Runner Ducks stomachs.


Oct 15, 2018
Hi I don't know if anyone can help me please as I am worried, I have two runner ducks, Amelia and Black Beak (I am new to this) .

I have had them since the 1st of June, from about two weeks old. So a few months now...

They have grown huge in size, but i am still waiting for eggs...I have them on layer pellets and feed them non hazardous stomach remedies as they forage around the garden and in the pond!
They have started to act funny and Amelia will follow around black beak, chirping and bouncing her head up and down like she is super happy! They are energetic and Ganits as well :D

i can hear on their stomachs this grinding sound.....like stones rubbing....or something gritty....(I have Grit from which is for ducks i put down too now and then.
The garden does have shingle and eatable size stones they might eat?
Is this a really big issue?

Please could someone help.

James, Amelia and Black Beak
When i kneel down to them, I can.

Verm - X - Made from a non-GM pelleted formulation, Internal Parasite Control Pellets...
When i kneel down to them, I can.

Verm - X - Made from a non-GM pelleted formulation, Internal Parasite Control Pellets...
Do they need that? Do you think they have internal parasites?
They most likely won't lay until spring since they were hatched this summer.
If they aren't laying don't feed them layer. See if you can find an all flock feed and if you have a lot of layer left mix it with the all flock to cut down the calcium. Once they start laying regular you can change back to layer if you want but feeding an all flock along with putting out oyster shell in a separate bowl is usually enough for all birds that lay.

I haven't ever heard my birds tummies rumble so not sure what they may be. Do you keep feed down for them through out the day? My Runners metabolism is very high they eat a lot more than my Muscovy's they need it being so slim and very active.
It does state it helps with growing and as i have a pond which they are in all the time I am maybe paranoid.

I have been adding it to their food every once and awhile.

More so the sound is worrying me.....
Ok, I will mix the layer as I do have a lot....Do you suggest just corn feed as well?
I haven't used Oyster Shell but I will get some for when this happens.
What do you suggest about Grit? As i do have some and have been putting some aside.

@chickens really, Thank you for your comment!!

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