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  1. justusnak

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    OMG...ya'll, I nearlly peeeed my pants this morning. We was awakened by what sounded like a bomb...It was a lightening strike. I jumped up...and ran down to disconnect the computer. then another DIRECT hits on, or next to the house. ALL the phone jacks....wires, and phones...BURNT!! It even burnt the carpet next to the jack. I feel Soooo lucky...we didnt have a house fire, and thank GOD we are all ok! Lightening hit a tree, behind the house....and hit the satellite dish, makeing a crease in it. I was so freaked out! We have 12 ft ceilings in the living room, and about 9 ft up are shelves....stuff fell from those shelves. Thankfully, they fell on the sofa..and no one was sitting there. One item that fell was a stone landed right where DH usually sits. I got on the the phone company..they sent a man right out...the box on the back of the house, EXPLODED..and was burnt! We have another round of storms coming in sleep for me! EVERYTHING will be unplugged. I had to go out and buy 2 new phones....they wont even be sitting NEAR outlets! Im just glad the chickens were all inside...and are safe.
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    We had thunderstorms last night hits tho!! Today we're back to winter......we've got some icing now and the snow is on it's way. I guess west of here they've already had 7-10 inches.
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    We have another round coming in tonight after midnight. the phone man said...we was luck not to have had a fire....NOW im scared. DH is at work...and wont get home till AFTER midnight! UGH!! Sometimes being out in the NOT a good thing. No warning sirens out here.
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    Nov 16, 2007
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    You can come hide out in Sellersburg with me [​IMG] I can't promise it'll be any better though...
  5. justusnak

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    Thanks for the offer Badhbh ....but would you have room for 65 chickens, 4 turkeys, 4 dogs, and 3 parakeets as well?? [​IMG] In the basement I safe all! I just hope we dont lose power....4 days till hatch, on your eggs!!!
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    [​IMG] Wow! I would so have peed my pants. I am totally terrified of storms. You are so much braver than me. [​IMG] We had a huge storm roll through last night. It had TONS of thunder,lightning, strong winds and a little bit of hail. I didn't sleep a wink between about 3:00 a.m.-5:30 a.m. So while the storm was raging I came on BYC. I felt much better then. [​IMG]
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    How is everyone today?
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    May 12, 2007
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    I am going to use this thread to give you advise. Our house was hit by lightning in Aug 2000. We did catch on fire and had to move out of our house for 4 months. As we look back now, we realize what a blessing it was. We had a brand new house in the end. But it was not fun during the time.

    Take a video of the inside of your house and all of its belongings and then keep it in a safe place. When things are all burn't up and moldy or is very difficult to remember what you had. It seems like this wouldn't be a problem....but trust is hard. Also, make sure that your insurance is worded to replace everything at current market value. Our 30 minute fire, which was contained to one room, but the smoke went through the whole house had a final cost of $130.000.

    PS I hate lightning now too.


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