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    May 27, 2009
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    My hen has injured herself. She has cut the skin down to the meat it's a pretty big area. The meat isn't cut. She's not bleeding or oozing. Eating and acting fine. This is the 2nd day. When I found her I put betadine and neo on her. Next morning put neo on her then last night just beta. Didn't do anything this morning thought maybe it would help to dry out. Was going to do beta and neo tonite. Getting polyvisol w/0 iron and yogurt to help her. Should I like try to put tape on it to bring skin back together or just leave it alone, or go with my plan with beta and neo. Thanks for your help

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    Nov 20, 2009
    you have lost the window to stitch or tape the skin together, but you may make the wound ,scar less if ya close it some, keep it clean!!!!!!!!, to get skin to close you got to get to it within hours, but i would bring her in and keep clean if ya can help close the wound do it, vet would be best., they can cut the edges and stitch it up,
    good luck,
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    I assume you have her somewhere clean and away from other hens who might peck at her injury? Any chance you might be able to post a pic?
  4. A couple months ago my hen was attacked and she made a complete recovery. Her wound was very bad. Please see my post for some great advice for others and what kept her alive!:

    I don't think it is a good idea to let her wound dry out. I think it is best to stay moist. I found an awesome ointment called Nu-Stock and kept that on my hen's wound. I now swear by it!!! If you can't find it, keep it clean and plenty of neosporin. In a couple of weeks, she should be back to normal!

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