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    Jun 23, 2016
    One of my rooseters was injured due to a storm knocked a fence on him. He is eating,crowing, and has plenty of fluids . But he won't stand up or walk. It has been a couple weeks, and we are going to the vet, but I would like some tips. We have had him for years now and do not want to put him down. He is on bed rest. I am unsure if his legs are sore, or if they are broken. When we lay him down he falls forward but used his wings to push himself up right, I am hoping maybe he will show progress. I need any tips I can get

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    What part of the chicken did it land on? His whole body? How much do you suppose the fence weighed? If he has lasted a couple of weeks since, then you are doing something right. It's a very good sign that he is eating, drinking and crowing.

    I had a hen attacked by the neighbors dog (1/2 wolf). She could not walk. She did try. I put her in a small crate to purposely limit her mobility and allow her to heal. She made a full recovery.

    That being said, I've also had a board fall on a hen. She sat there for ? Hours. Could've been up to 5hours. When we found her she was dead. It really depends on what part of the bird the fence hit and how long it was there. Good luck with your rooster. Please keep us posted.

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