Introducing baby ducks and other questions...


Jun 3, 2019
I have two 6 week old khaki campbell girls who are getting way too big for their brooder as it's inside my house! I have been trying to introduce them to my other two (both pekin-type females). I started by letting them out all together but the little ones were very skittery and I was scared of losing them so I put each pair in separate runs next to each other. I then moved the babies into the main run with the bigger ducks in a smaller run inside. I have recently let the adults out into the main run and after a bit of chasing they seems to have calmed down a lot. However, the ducklings are so scared of the bigger ones, they stay at opposite ends of the run, only eating and drinking when the adults are away from the food and pond. Although they are not getting hurt this is ruining my dreams of one happy flock, so anyone know how to get them to accept each other and, if this is possible, to go around together as it were?
Second question (i feel like i know nothing :lol:), how do I stop them eating each others food? The Khakis are still eating growers pellets whilst the older ducks eat mainly layers. Or does this not matter?
Finally, I have a lone rooster that usually lives with the ducks (I know he would prefer some hens, I am working on it! I only have him as I saved him from someone who was going to cook him as they accidentally hatched him and already had a rooster, so I just said I would take him!) until he began to attack one of them - this was before I got the Khakis - so I separated him, supposing it was to do with being territorial in breeding season, but he hates being on his own and is always trying to get into the ducks' run. I really want to put him back with them but the duck he previously attacked has a limp due to spraining her leg running from him and I am very scared he will hurt the little ones

Sorry this is so long, I got a bit carried away! Thanks so much!:jumpy
sorry can't remember at what age,thinking 6-8 weeks you can change them, but ducks do better on flock raiser as their dietary needs are different from chicken

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