I've soooo had it with Kitty! I don't want to do this but...


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Kitty is our 4 year old cat that I brought home as a three week old feral orphan.

Kitty ruined our last couch (not that it was worth a hoot, but anyhow) with her clawing. There are 8 EIGHT different scratching devices in this house. Three uprights, two towers, and three of the cardboard disposable ones that are a favorite of our other cat. I have tried sprays, a water pistol, keeping her nails trimmed, double sided "scratch no more" tape, you name it, I've tried it. Thought about trying nail caps but she'd have to be sedated to put them on and I can't see driving her to the vet an hour away every time one comes off. Even trimming her nails is a two person job, since she is still a very wild cat. Tried to give her a pill one time and ended up needing stitches.

We just spent several thousand dollars on new furniture. Tonight I caught Kitty scratching the corner of the new couch and when I checked it, sure enough there's evidence that it wasn't her first time.

Kitty is getting declawed just as soon as I can get her an appt. Used to work for a vet, consider the procedure barbaric myself, but when it comes down to her getting declawed or being rehomed, I think she's getting the better deal.

I am just so mad at this cat right now!!!!!!

Felt like I should highlight that part so folks could see I'm not exactly jumping for joy about having the declawing done.
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I do not like the idea of declawing. I look at declawing as a last resort, but I think you are there. Good Luck to you and Kitty.

I lost my Miss Kitty 3 years ago. She was a feral we rescued, but she was only 5 weeks old and about dead when I got ahold of her. The rest of her siblings ran and we never saw any of them again. Took alot of doctoring and TLC to get her to what I would call friendly. I think the fact that she had no choice and was so young is the only reason she ended up a reasonably friendly cat. She was never a lap cat, but did like her petting time and was a great friend for 11 years.


Edited to add that my Kitty was not declawed and I have the scars to prove it. She loved to play and I had a high pain tolerence.
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I definately sympathize, Gritty. My cat is 10 years old and can shred a sofa in record time. We have delicate white furniture in the formal living room which she absolutely loves.
We ended up covering the corners of the furniture with heavy blankets and putting a large box in the hall. She avoids her scratching post but now uses the box. So far this is working.

I have considered the nail covers too. Tubby has reacted poorly to sedation at the vet and is too wild to hold down to apply them. I was told by my vet that I could use Benadryl to sedate for grooming. Someday maybe I will work up the courage to try it.

I hate the idea of declawing but it is better than rehoming.


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If you don't really want to declaw they make claw caps for cats. They are kind of like press on nails for kitties. You glue them on and they are blunted on the ends so they can't scratch stuff up. They eventually grow off and you have to reapply them, but they might help in the meantime.

I feel your pain. Two of my three are very well behaved. Dodger, not so much. He ignores the scratching posts and works on the sofa instead. Good thing he is so cute.


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I dont blame you one bit, Kat...
Going through the same thing myself right now...
I have 3 cats that arent de-clawed..and they are tearing up furniture..
I just got a new couch..(cause the other one was scratched up..)
And same thing, scratches on the arms already. (its a leather/fabric couch..and the leather is scratched already..)
I dont know what to do... they are older cats, and i dont want to put them through the de-claw surgery.... but.... theres not many other choices that will REALLY work.


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It's OK Gritty. Sometimes there is no good alternative.

Just make sure you get lots of pain relief for kitty, like Fentanol patch.



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I have a rescue cat who came declawed. He has no problem at all defending his turf or himself. They primarily use the hind legs and teeth to fight, and the dewclaws for climbing, so defence isn't an issue. And he makes all the motions of scratching at cardboard. He's none the worse for wear, but I didn't know him before....he could have been the Mike Tyson of cats for all I know!

A friend of mind had her cat declawed after it nearly took out the eye of her shih-tzu. She felt terribly about it until she realized that it was business as usual....cat didn't know the difference.

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