Apr 9, 2018
hey guys!! My 6 little duckies that hatched this summer are outside in a run that my fiancé and I reinforced. They have a hutch inside the run that they go in every night at dark. I have a hunting camera in my yard and I checked the card today and it picked up numerous sightings of cats in my yard that aren’t mine (my two cats live inside) and it also picked up an opossum. When I was in their run earlier feeding them I noticed there was a tear in the hardware cloth wiring we use as a roof (before winter we’re going to get “green house” roof panels to install as a more sturdy roof so they don’t get snowed on. I’m going to attach a photo of their run and of the tear. If anyone has any idea what animal could have torn the wire please let me know! Unfortunately the camera had moved and wasn’t pointed at the run directly so I couldn’t pick anything up. Today I moved the camera and secured it better so that wouldn’t happen again. I just want to ensure that my ducks stay completely safe and live long and happy lives.


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Where do you live? It would have to be something strong - no cat is going to do that unless it is a bobcat (maybe) or some feline much larger than that.
If there was a weak spot, a possum may have been able to break through. But, obviously your hw cloth is strong enough to withstand something standing on it while ripping through it.
Any storms passing through lately?

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