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I just got the Meyer's catalog and they have every breed that I want to get for my next spring chicks. I am a little nervous about the whole mail thing since the chicks I started this year I picked up at a local hatchery. They are in Ohio and I am in Iowa. My question is this do you know if I can combine chicks of different breeds to reach the numbers?
Of different breeds? Sure. My first order with them consisted of 7 chicks (3 different types of Polish, 1 Sultan, 1 Marans, 1 Spitz, and 1 Sumatra). All different types/colors. I just told them what I wanted and that was that. They sent them with a heat-pack and some gro-gel and all of the babies arrived healthy and happy, if not a bit sleepy. We went with Meyer because they did a small-order, and I didn't want many more chickens at the time.
Was your shipping expensive with a small order? I really think that is who I am going to go with. They have all the breeds I think I want. I have a hatchery here in IA that beats the heck out of the prices they have but they just don't have the selection.
Has anyone ever ordered their started hens from Meyer? According to their website, they are priced reasonable and will ship also. Do you know if they arrive in healthy condition? Thanks
I am wanting to know too about Meyers as I like what I am seeing in their catalog. I have at least 6 hatcheries here in IA but I don't think any of them have all of what I want. I will have to look at them again and see though.
Hmm...I honestly can't remember how much the small-shipping was priced, but that it was not very cheap. I can tell you for that order, however, (the 7 chicks total), the price including the order charge was about $62. But worth it for me.
I bought three small orders and found it was much cheaper and better to buy a minimum of 25 chicks - I had no males for warmth (roos) to get rid of and instead of all the 'fees' they charge for a small roder, I bought enough pullets to sell and at least pay for the entire order.
I bought my very first chickens from Meyer 3 years ago this spring - I only wanted 3, I ordered 5 & gave 2 to a friend, lost one a year ago & still have my original 2 - an EE and a Cuckoo Marans. Meyer gave excellent service & they got here quickly & with no problems (I'm in Louisiana) & the EE lays a large green egg & the Cuckoo Marans lays a large brown egg -- not as dark as a breeder Marans but darker than a "regular" brown egg layer. I'd order again from them except that now I hatch my own.
Hi All! Let me explain answers to your many questions!

First, we can ship a minimum of three baby chicks. You can mix and match any breed you want. So, if you want three chicks of three breeds, no problem! Shipping is more expensive the less chicks you order to cover Express shipping costs, extra nesting material, and if needed extra heat. It isn't about us making a killing off of small orders, it's about making sure your small order arrives safely.

Sometimes, it does end up cheaper in the long run to order 25 chicks. We know not everyone can accommodate that many chicks. If you feel better spending more money on chicks than actual shipping charges, consider spliting and order with friends, selling the extras online, etc. We have a lot of customers who successfully go with those options. If you can't find any buyers, you can expect shipping on an order of 3-14 to IA to cost $35.75. Again, if it were 25 chicks to IA shipping would be much less at $13.60. Just depends what you can handle.

We do offer started pullets in 3 varieties, however, if you think the small order shipping is expensive - you will certainly think started pullet shipping is expensive. Please, remember these are live, mature, chickens! We have to ship Express, with gro-gel, and in special boxes. With that said - shipping on a single started pullet to IA would be $62.48 + the cost of the pullet.

Lastly, we NEVER include roosters for warmth. You don't order them, you don't get them! Simple as that!

Hope that info helps
I have ordered around 500 chicks from Meyer this year, and any time I have a problem they work as best they can to fix it. The only problem I have had is with Wyandottes, It appeared that there were Silver Laced, Gold Laced, and mixed. I have bred wyandottes over the years so I can pretty well identify the variety. An inconvenience that they have is their sex/breed identification service. Places like Cackle do it for free, and they charge a flat fee of 6.00. It doesn't sound like too much, but it is when you are ordering animals to sell for a profit.
Aside from those couple things, Mayer is great, great service, quick shipping, kindly service reps.

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