Mini Donkey Bottle Baby


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11 Years
Jul 21, 2008
We recently purchased 2 bottle donkeys (male). We had to separate them bc the youngest was trying to nurse the other baby. We separated them so the other wouldn't get an infection. the youngest is trying to nurse on itself!!! How do i stop this before he gives himself an infection!??? Are there Binky's for a donkey??
How old are these little guys? Are they still on the bottle?

It may be that this guy needs a drink more often than he is getting fed. A few years ago, I learned about a way to use an igloo cooler as a substitute mother for a donkey or horse; it might be useful in this situation. Baby equines are just like most other kinds of babies, they explore everything with their mouths. What other things do you have for these kids to do with their mouths? They should have "munchables" available 24/7 at this age, and (believe it or not!) there are a variety of toys that they can pick up, chew on, and knock around, too.

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