Mr Tuesday and the ham

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    Well my cat isnt a big people food cat , there are a few choice things like Tuna of course and sometimes a little milk left from a ceareal bowl that he likes but today we discoverd another one. My church brought us a christmas box and instead of a turkey they put in one of those salty but very long keeping Canned Hams . It was so funny, I didnt get to my phone in time to take what would have been the funnest shots with my cat face to face with my son begging for ham but I did catch a picture of him as he waited for more of the nomm nomms.
    [​IMG]Here he is waititing for his next piece
    [​IMG]And this is when they both noticed I was pointing the camra at them
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    LOL Priceless :D
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    Busted! XD cats can be so, weird!

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