My coop/shed finally finished :) take a peak!


Feb 16, 2018
Wales, UK
Hey everyone :) I’ve finally finished putting together the duck’s playhouse - just a doorknob to add. I bought the playhouse from B&Q for £80 - originally £230 but it was weathered. So they delivered it, we scrubbed it down and washed it and once I borrowed a drill, read the instructions 1 million times, i finally managed to put it together with the help of my mother holding bits and bobs. I’m not diy proficient and never done this before and it turned out amazing!! So happy with it. It has wood preserver on it then a couple coats of white and blue paint. There are ventilation holes in the back and the window opens. I also managed to get some sample linos from a local shop thanks to a very kind employee and I laid thick cardboard down then the Lino and nailed it all together. I’m also going to paint the inside white. the ducks aren’t going in it for another two weeks or so as I’m waiting for the ducklings to be a bit older and I need a run - I’ll have to buy one online. This house is only for the night and bad weather so I’m really happy with it. Hope you all like it and a thank you to everyone who helped me in picking the correct coop, Informing me about ventilation and flooring!
What type of ducks do you have? This was a playhouse? You guys have access to much cooler stuff than we do here in the US!

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