My coturnix quails might be sick with some sort of respiratory disease, please help!

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    I own 4 coturnix quails. 1 is named Cotton Ball, who's perfectly healthy since she lives inside my home. The other 3 live outside and are sick. One is named Pine, who's somewhat elderly and female. Today, I found her belly completely void of feathers, revealing a black belly underneath, it looks like it's rotting and feels kinda rough. Her breathing is strange, it has a rattling sound and sounds phlegmy. She isolates herself in corners and is pretty weak. Her breathing is a bit labored and she sneezes. My male quail and another female are a bit better off than she is (Cactus and Lemon), though they sneeze sometimes and also have a rattle to their breathing, so they may have been infected by Pine. There isn't a vet nearby that can treat anything outside of dogs and cats and I can't even afford it anyways. Anything I can do to help my babies? Here's a picture of Pine's belly that I took on my phone. PS: I'll look into tips used for chickens too. Anything would help at this point. I want to save my babies.

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    I would suspect that you have mycoplasma (MG or MS) both respiratory diseases in your flock. They may be spread by other poultry or wild birds. MG has more respiratory symptoms, while MS can affect the joints causing swelling and breast abscesses due to lying on the ground. You can try treating with an antibiotic called Tylan 50 injectable, and give it orally at 1/4 ml 3 times a day for 5 days.

    But, the disease stays in the flock infecting each new member as long as one bird is left. I would consider culling, and starting over, but it depends on how many birds you have. MS and MG only remain alive for about 3 days onces the birds are gone, so with waiting a couple of weeks after a good cleaning, any new healthy chicks should be fine.
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