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    We went on a roadtrip yesterday, so as always we like to discuss what are plan are or would like them to be and what we would like the farm to do. We got on to the garden, we he was talking about the duck and chicken poo can be used a fertilizer. Then he started to go on about how it can be mixed with diesal fuel and used for explosives, or made into black powder for ammunition. He has special training in this area from being in the military and once and awhile this wierd stuff come up. I had a good laugh think that the new threat is my chicken poop.
  2. [​IMG] Beware the chicken poo! [​IMG]
  3. explosive chicken poop.... now theres some good coffee table conversation.... [​IMG]
  4. EliteTempleton

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    Aug 9, 2008
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    That sure gives new meaning the the old phrase "Nobody light a match!" [​IMG]
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    Yikes ! next thing you know he will be using it to run the car......... mmmmmmm must give that some thought a chicken poop powered engine........[​IMG]
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    Quote:Let me see this one..

    "Have a good day honey I went out this morning to fill the car... would you like your breakfast too? " [​IMG]

    but really that would be awsome.. everyone would have chickens..
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    Mercy! Chicken poo bombs! [​IMG] Yikes! There's really no need to mix anything to make one of those anyways. Just go find yourself some broody hens! I'm sure they'd be more than happy to accomodate! [​IMG]
  8. EliteTempleton

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    According to this article you would need atleast 10 lbs of poo a day, which it says means you would need 100 Chickens, to run an engine. I think with 100 free range chickens you would also need to hire someone go collect the precious fuel as well. [​IMG]

    Apparently though it's more efficient to use as a heating fuel, either heating the house or say to cook up some eggs? [​IMG]
    Oh, and the sludge left over after the methane is extracted, guess what that's good for? Yup, prime fertilizer! [​IMG]

    Geez them girls just keep turning out to be more and useful...
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    It's the Nitrates and Nitrites that are taken from the poo.

    Potassium Nitrate, (oxidizer) charcoal or carbon (for fuel), and sulfer (aids in combustion)
    in proportion by weight (which I WILL NOT GIVE HERE) when combined in a dry form is called "green" gunpowder. It will burn and when confined underpressure will cause an explosion but it is unreliable.

    But When combined by the presipitation method, dried, and crumbled(carefully) it creates a faster burn and a more violent explosion.

    controling the size of the grain will control the speed of combustion. By adding ground metals of varying sizes to the mix you will get different colours and brightness.

    I'm sort of a pyrotechnic pyromaniac. and yes, I still have all my fingers. singed an eyebrow or two, but otherwise verry safe and very very respectful of the power of chemistry.
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    When I took organic chemistry in college, one of my reactions was "thank god they don't teach this in high school". It is remarkably easy to make some very interesting compounds; ones that go boom, ones that make you act funny, ones that make you ill......all kinds of interesting things. A friend of mine also had a copy of "The Anarchist Cookbook"; which is probably not around anymore in the days of Columbine and 9/11.

    I love the idea of exploding chicken poo, though. My kids will get a good laugh too.

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