My favorite chicken just died


12 Years
Nov 30, 2007
San Martin, Ca
My very first RIR that I had just died. I got her back in Dec. I am just so upset. She was having some issues today and dlhunicorn gave me suggestions on what to do and I was to late. She was straining to lay an egg for a while so I gave her a warm bath and got some tums in her but I was to late. I had her resting quietly in a warm box w/ shaving and a towel in my bathtub. All of a sudden I heard a noise in the bathroom, went and check and she was convulsing and then just died. I am just so upset. Her name was Sarafina. She was the friendliest one of all of them. She would let you pick her up and carry her around. And whenever she saw me coming w/ the mealworm container she would come running. Here's a pic of her (she's the one in the foreground of the pic).

Sorry about your baby Kim....

I lost my Serafina a couple weeks ago, she was my sebastopol girl with the neurological problems. Now our little angels are in heaven.
I am sorry. As soon as I saw your thread go up I sent Diana over to help because she has dealt with these cases far more than I have. Again I am very sorry for your loss.

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