My namesake lives!

Turtle Island

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9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
Recently my husband and I traveled to our farm-to-be in another state, and moved our flock over there from one friend to another for caretaking. Great joy! An Easter Egger flew out of the chicken yard (well, that wasn't so good!) to greet me, and it was none other than my namesake Turtle Island, alive and well! (our chicken caretaker had given me info that led me to believe that Turtle was one of the chickens raccoons had gotten).

This of course means that I discovered that my beloved Julianna, a salmon faverole, was the one who was eaten. And also, very much to my great sorrow, I discovered the identity of the missing (to raccoons) Gourmet Black: Snowneck, a favorite of my daughters. So, in joy there is sorrow -- but I'm so glad that Turtle lives. :)
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