My Old German owls and Turkish tumblers


Feb 20, 2018
Idaho falls, Idaho, U.S.
I just barely bought some old german owls from Don Hall and I'm excited to start breeding next year. While the birds are blue and silver bars, (4 blues 1 silver) their prettiness makes up for the lack of color variety. I will post some pictures soon when the weather is nice. As for my Turkish tumblers, I have 6 now. 1 flew off and the breeding was slow. I hope that next year I can get some birds in the air. I've decided against flying them now, as even a two bird loss now would be horrible for next years breeding. I plan on having about 25 birds, spit 50/50 between the breeds. Next year I hope to have some owls worth showing at the annual area fair. The old german owls are shield marked. I also want to post pictures of my two lofts (maybe 3 if I can get the unoccupied chicken coop and convince my parents not to get chickens next year :lau) and see if their big enough for that many birds.
IMG_0594 (2).JPG

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