my pekin laid her first spring egg and immediately prolapsed. help!!


8 Years
Apr 16, 2014
Have any of you successfully treated a prolapsed vent before? My pekin duck laid a monster of an egg this morning after months without, and has now prolapsed. Based on various things I looked up, I gave her a warm bath, sprayed with vetericyn, and attempted to slather on some honey. I attempted to see if I could gently move the tissue back in, but I have no idea how people do this and my duck seemed to be in pain when I touched it -- it did not seem to be able to "slip" back it. The tissue is soft and squishy. She seems uncomfortable and like she is straining at times.

My parents are the primary owners of these ducks -- they have told me that they have seen her look like this before and it healed on its own after a few days. Can anyone give me the urgency of this? Are prolapses immediate type things? Do they sometimes heal on their own? Should I panic or it is ok? Since my folks have seen this before, they don't seem to concerned while I am ready to call in the troops and get her seen by a vet.

Overall we have had such bad luck with the health of these ducks. They have had extreme bumblefoot requiring antibiotics. We lost one back in September after an extreme illness. One of our living ones is blind in one eye. I love these ducks so much but they just seem so unhealthy and make me so stressed out!!
Preparation H? Takes out a lot of swelling and I think the pain too. Have used it on goats after difficult labor.
Thank you! The prolapse is pretty large. I think there might be an egg bound within the prolapse too. I don't have the heart to photograph it, but it looks a lot like this pekin's in this thread. I am hoping the vet can get it back inside but my gut is saying that we might have to euthanize. She might not even make it until then. Poor girl. I love her so much. So senseless that this is happening.

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