My Serama tractor


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8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
N.W. Ohio
This is the tractor I made for my two seramas its not quite done. I still need to paint it and do a couple other things. The run is 4 ft wide X 7 ft long and the coop is 3 . 5 ft wide X 2 . 5 ft long and about 4 ft tall. The whole thing was made from free stuff I had laying around. I will post more pics when I get all done but here it is for now.
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Very nice setup! I am interested in doing a trailer like this. Did you have plans for it or did you just "wing it"?
Well, they do love to roost and be off the ground at night. My girls like a nesting box and I put shavings in it. They love rolling in the shavings. Your tractor looks great, nice and roomy and a wonderful playground for serama!

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