New Home For My Ameraucana's

Blue Eager

Oct 30, 2017
This project took me (alone) 2 weeks to complete. I first had to build a pony wall above my stuccoed wall as a base for the rafters. Redwood was used for all framing, for the exception of the house which is T-111 (another exterier wood application). The metal roof is 29 gauge pro-panel which is the minimum that should be used for structural application in leu of decking material.

Anyway, the king & his court seem pleasantly surprised.


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Thank you for pointing this out JT. What would you recommend for parameter barrier at the coop base & other openings?
I live in NM & approximately 3 miles from the Rio Grande. It is ironic you would mention raccoons because being this far from their supposs’ed habitat I did not think they would be an issue…I was wrong. My neighbor set out a live trap because something was invading his bird feeders. Yup…a huge male raccoon. I will address this ASAP.

Thanks again JT.

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