New pet finch laid eggs! Help!

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    Feb 3, 2013
    Hi all,
    I'm new here, this is my first post.

    My dad has had 2 community finches for several years and recently one of them accidentally died and so my dad bought a new one.

    We had never even considered that they would have babies because for some reason we thought the ones we got were all boys.

    Today my dad realized that there are about 7 eggs in their nest, and says now that he thinks about it they had been guarding the nest like crazy for a few weeks.

    What should we do with 7 eggs and a small cage?
    Will they keep laying eggs?
    How long should we wait before we give the baby finches away ?
    Can I tame the baby finches to be sweet and sit on my finger and stuff if the parents are not tame?

    Will they all hatch?

    Lord have mercy


  2. dc3085

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    If they are fertile some of the eggs will hatch, she will lay between 5-8 eggs normally. It is hard to tell about fertility in finch eggs. I never see my finches in the "act" but they still hatch eggs (as opposed to quail that fornicate all over the cage pretty much all day)Finches pretty much handle the whole thing on their own so there isnt much you need to do. As far as taming them, its not possible. At least nowhere near the way you can a budgie or a cockateil. You will always just be the food monster, sorry. You will know when it is time to get rid of the babies.

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