No Solicitors - Please!

Enchanted Sunrise Farms

12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
That's it, the sign goes back up on the front door. Just had a young obnoxious man at our front door. He starts by saying "Hi, are you the lady with all the farm animals?" i ask why. He said he was talking to our neighbors, David and Ashley (the young couple who are always trying to borrow money from us) and they said we have goats. i ignore his comment as i could see it was used to draw me into a conversation. So i just asked him what i could do for him. He said he's just getting to know the neighbors, working on his public speaking skills, and don't i think he looks like Michael Jackson? (i've seen this schtick before) So i told him i don't want to buy any magazines. He acts a bit taken aback.

He said he's not selling magazines, he just needs me to help him win a contest, and don't i want to help him win the contest? i said "no, not if it involves me buying magazines". He then said that yes, he is selling magazines. i told him i'm not interested. He asked why. i said we do not have the money for magazines right now. He then says "You have goats and you won't buy any magazines?" i think to myself, what on earth does one have to do with the other?!?!? We are so rich we're throwing money away on goats but won't help this poor struggling man by buying his stupid overpriced magazines?

But . . . instead i said that owning goats is a choice, and we choose to have them. Buying magazines is a choice and we choose not to buy them. A couple more feeble attempts later, he finally gives up and leaves.

Firstly, i'm ticked at our neighbors who thought it was okay to give personal information about us to a total stranger. Second, i hate people coming to my home, invading my privacy, wasting my time, and trying to verbally manipulate me out of money.

Now, where is that dang "No Solicitors" sign?


Whispers Loudly
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Mar 7, 2009
Lincoln, Nebraska
The only thing that is worse, is when the bible people come for a visit!!

It is pretty weird that they mentioned your goats though....


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Apr 12, 2009
Gilbert, Arizona
I can't stand solicitors. My most annoying experience with one was this kid (who didn't look to be older than 12) that was selling magazines. He was seriously trying to sell Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazines. I'm sorry, if that's what you are into (speaking generally here)...fine. However, I think it was so inappropriate for a boy that age to be selling those kinds of magazines.

Generally I have an easy way out of conversations with solicitors. I play the cancer card, and mention all my medical bills. That shuts them up every time. There's a silver lining in every situation, ya know?

Enchanted Sunrise Farms

12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
i'm printing up my sign now which includes "no religious conversions".

And yeh, why on earth would our neighbors be yacking about our goats to a total stranger?

phoenixmama, hey, i'm sorry about your health issues. But we shouldn't have to give anyone an excuse for not wanting to buy something. Although i always feel like i need to come up with an excuse. i just get tired of being solicited on the phone, at the door, in front of the grocery store, etc, etc, etc.


Chicken Beader
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Mar 20, 2008
NW Kentucky
Ah I like big dogs for that reason....if they can reason with the dog and the dog wishes to buy so be it...I however will not be interrupted with such nonsense.

the last religious organization that strolled up to my door was greeted in Tsalagi' and I refused to speak english until they were down the drive way and I merely said "Have a wonderful day!"

I must admit that the looks on their faces indeed a kodak moment.

Ugly Cowboy

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Apr 25, 2008
Corn, OK
Lord, happens to me all the time, I just learned to say "NO!" and shut the door. Sometimes they'll stand around beatin on the door yellin what there sellin, and I'll let ya in on a little secret... I like to sneak out the back door around to the bushes and hide there with a stack of blackcats and light 'em up and watch them poor stubborn folks take off like scalded cats LOL! Guess I'll always be a kid at heart, but it just never ceases to crack me up.


11 Years
Jan 22, 2009
big dogs, gate, sign that says 'if you can read this you are in range'

my dogs keep everyone in the car. we had a guy drive in (you cant see the house from the road!?!?!?) asking for 'directions'.... the dogs circled his truck and i called to him 'stay in your truck' and you shoulda seen him roll up the window...

the whole thing was weird. i locked the gate after he drove away.

maybe you shoulda set the rooster on him? my gander is a son of a so-n-so.. he'd have given the business to that guy!


Positively Ducky
11 Years
Oct 2, 2008
Just just made up a sign for a customer that says...

"Funny thing. Turns out my bark IS worse than my bite. Anywhoo...welcome solicitors, salesmen, etc.. - The Dog"

She has 3 Great Danes...LOLOLOOL

My Little Sister's Farm

11 Years
May 13, 2008
Forest Grove, Oregon
I want to put a big guard goose out but hubby doesn't like the big guard goose goo that comes with. I like the idea of your signs "if you can read this sign you are in range" and "no religious conversion" under your no soliciting signs.

How come everyone thinks they are an acception to the rule?

my line is "no." when asked why, I say, "doesn't matter, my answer is no."


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Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
we used to hav jahova witnesses come to our house alot... even with my gates locked and the no trespassing signs up and the large dogs loose...they would crawl thru my gate... aparently no trespassing didn't mean them... of course hubby incouraged them by actually talking to them and acepting their reading martials... i don't know what happened but they finally quit coming around..
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