Odd pets, what do you have?


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Mar 19, 2007
Jonestown Pa , Columbia County
Okay so I have a pet raccoon. Not the kind that is wild that you throw table scraps to on your porch. No a pet raccoon that lives in my livingroom and likes to watch tv on my lap in bed. Everyone gives me that odd "you have a what?" look when I tell them so this got me wondering. What odd pets do you all have?
Hmmmm.....Odd??? well all my critters are "ODD" just not in the sence you are talking about!
But right now I ahve no Odd pets, altho many people think having chickens as odd!

As a kid I had odd pets, we had 2 pet skunks,a nd two Spider moneys. They were tons of fun!!
LOL, I have Apple snails, but I hardly think those count as odd! I'm down to only two now though. Other than that I have nothing too odd, except for the occasional wild bird.
Here is my middle son with Topaz, one of our two opossums (his sister is Diamond)....we bottle raised them when we found their dead mother.

We also have 2 snakes, 2 mice (these were just too cute to allow to be sold for snake food), 3 hamsters, a scorpion, a dog and 4 cats (oh, those are normal I guess). I KNOW the chickens are normal after finding this site, so those don't count as odd.
We are just animal freaks here.
I have 2 frogs in my aquarium, an albino clawed frog and a black clawed frog. Would that be considered odd?
I guess they're kind of odd. I've had the oldest 9 years and the newest 5 years. They're huge and eat 20-30 minnows a week.

Their names? Killer & Masher.
I *love* my frogs. The only downside is they eat any fish that I put into my big 55 gallon aquarium, even 6 inch $24.99 Ryukin goldfish and $29.99 Koi.

Mangled- Wow those are some big claw frogs, We have some northern peepers and had a few bull frogs. They really love gold fish. But the big one ate the little one so we out the big one out in pops pond. Hope to get another this spring to keep in a tank in our bed room. Want to get everything all set up nice again first though. I grew up living between a swamp, creek and forest. So I love to hear frogs. When I moved in with my hubby still in the woods but not close enough to a water way really. I found it hard to sleep believe it or not cause there where no frogs here. So as a wedding present he caught me a little bull frog.

luvmychicknkids- that is one big possum! Did they stay friendly? I bottled raised Baby- our raccoon. He was a wedding aniversary present from my Hubby's pop. I have seen ones that were boughten when they were full or half grown and they don't seem to be as well bonded as Baby is with me. And can have a real mean streak some times. I think the bottle raising them yourself helps alot. I had mice too that I thought we just too cute for snake food.
Had them for years then Hubby desided something had to go and the mice where what I was willing to sacrfice saddly. The funning thing being that we have more critters now then we did then. lol
Well, I couldn't tell you which one it is, but one of them "sings" underwater. It's kind of a mix between a trill and a chirp. It's neat now, but not the first time I heard it. I thought my pump was going!

We only get to hear the frogs in the spring, we hear the peepers.

Yes, in fact the pic of Topaz was taken about 2 weeks ago or so. He is really more than "friendly" I suppose.....a bit of a whiny little mommy's boy. LOL He loves nothing more than to snuggle up on me, poke his head in my shirt, and go to sleep.
If he sees someone he doesn't know he pouts. The corners of his mouth will droop WAYYYYYY down and he looks just pitiful. Absolutely no agression whatsoever. He is still pretty young, though. The girl is much more independent but a little sweetheart, too. She loves to be cuddled, just not as demanding about it as he is.

Oh, and I always feed my snakes frozen/thawed mice, but I make them sell me white ones and I always check the live ones for the "have to rescues".
Glad I am not the only one who feels this way and sorry your mice had to go. They are just so adorable. Hoenstly, it kills me to feed them mice at all, but I know they have to eat.
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My son has 2 hermit crabs. hermie and herminie. Not very exciting, they burrow for days at a time, and then usually only move around at night. They get a bath once a week, which is the most avtivity they get.
My Clawed frog was the size of a dessert plate when I lost her...Whiskers was around 7 years old and her best buddy was Slingo Express, a Pleco.

My strangest pet was George. I lost him a couple of months ago.


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