Official BYC Poll: Where Do You Buy Your Feed From & Why?

Where do you buy feed (and explain why below)?

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Oct 23, 2019
New York
I normally purchase chicken feed (Purina Flock Raiser) from TSC because they usually have fresher feed and I really love their curbside pick-up so I don't have to go in the store.
I purchase Waterfowl feed from my local Southern States because TSC didn't carry a specific duck feed whenever I was shopping for something that wouldn't choke my ducks like the crumble feed does. I tried purchasing Flock Raiser from Southern States but the feed was over 5 months old. Once I noticed my chickens weren't too happy about the feed they normally love, I discovered the age of the feed. After unsuccessfully trying to exchange it for a fresh bag, I was able to exchange it for another bag of waterfowl feed. That is always fresh and they oftentimes sell out of it.
I've been purchasing my dogs feed from TSC because this is the only local place that carries it. I could order it, but I'm way too much of a procrastinator and often wait to get more once they're out. Sadly, I'm going to find somewhere else to purchase dog food because TSC doesn't have any other brands that I have any faith in. I'm trying to find 5 different dog foods to keep my dogs on a rotation. TSC is convenient because I purchase so much chicken feed and I'm there weekly, so it's so easy to add a bag of dog food, but I don't mind doing more to keep the dogs happy and healthy, if at all possible.
I purchase the Turtle feed from Amazon because I can buy in bulk instead of 1 to 3 ozs so often.
Could you share how to identify the age of the feed please?


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Jun 24, 2012
The Golden State
I picked other because I buy mine from a local feed store, . I buy from them because their feed is much less expensive than Tractor Supply and since the owner is part owner of a feed mill, the feed is always fresh.


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I buy from TSC for whatever goes in the feeders in the duck house. I buy from Chewy or Amazon for the floating food that I toss in the pool. I haven’t been able to find Mazuri at TSC. I only go to TSC because the prices are good and they always have the feed, plus they’re the closest store to me other than the local shop which always has to special order what I need and they’re unreliable about it.


Jun 11, 2020
SF Bay Area
For us, TSC is the cheapest option. Turkey starter or gamebird chow runs $17 at tractor supply, vs $26 and more at local feed stores. :( The downside is that the closest one is an hour away so we have to time it with other out of town travels.


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May 6, 2020
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I’m talking about poultry feed, dog feed, cat feed, etc! Where do you purchase it from?

Personally, I figured out it was in my pocketbook’s best interest that I buy at our local feed & seed! At TSC, I was paying $17.50 per 40lb bag of feed :eek: I can get the same thing (in a bigger bag) for less money at my local feed store. I get 4, 50lb bags of feed right at $48.50 from the feed store. That’s somewhere around 12 bucks per bag. I’ve probably saved hundreds since swapping.

Open discussion... Where do you buy your feed from, and why?

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I get my specialty dog food from Chewy. I purchase my chicken feed at TSC. But, I have been so incredibly disappointed with TSC. My store never has the Purina Layena with Omega nor the grain scratch. I'm at a lost for their problem. So, I'm buying Purina Layena and Dumor scratch because that's all they seem to have in stock.
As soon as I can find an alternative, I'm outta there!

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