Official BYC Poll: Where Do You Buy Your Feed From & Why?

Where do you buy feed (and explain why below)?

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Dec 29, 2020
Has anyone tried spent fermented grains from a local brewer? If yes - what are the best to ask for and is it something that you can get and store, or does it need to be consumed rather quickly to not go bad?
I am not any type expert on this. If the grain is fresh there is not alot of storage time with it, how much I am not sure. I know friend down the road used it with cattle from the brewery. He gets it by semi load he has mentioned the short time for storage. How short ?
Years ago I worked at a dock and we loaded 3 barges of brewers grain. After 3 days of loading for each barge pretty stinky, flies, maggots.
From what I was told, the top of the brewers grain would form a crust which would seal the remaining brewers grain in the barge which keeps it fresh as it takes about a month to get to destination in southern USA. There is about 1200 to 1500 tons of product in each barge.Then the grain was going to feed lots and also to be dried for feed.
A small brew shop might be worth looking into depending on how fast you could use it. Yes if you dry the grain it could be stored. There is alot of moisture in it. There is also many vitamins and protein. Maby there is a good way to store it fresh, I don't have any idea.
I have thought about trying to get brewers grains from one of the small brewers in town for raising pigs. Then again thought prolly to much hassle for 2 or 3 pigs.


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Apr 10, 2020
I use Scratch N Pecks feeds and treats for my ducks and chickens. The company is organic, their feed is amazing quality and I can either ferment the feed or use dry and my flock loves it. I can auto ship everything which makes it super convenient. Yes the price is higher than some but I feel the quality is worth it for my fuzzy feathered babies!


Aug 22, 2017
Los Angeles (Woodland Hills); gardening zone 9B
I get mine from local independent feed stores. There are 3 in my area. I go to one that's convenient to the other errands I'm running but I always want to support a small independent business person in preference to a national chain even if I know damned well I'm paying more.

Besides, it's always nice when someone is glad to see you and will make an extra effort because they know there's something you want or need.

Aunt Angus

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Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
I buy mine all over the place! Sometimes TSC. Sometimes the little feed store up the hill. Sometimes I order it online. Depends on who has what I like (I'm picky) when I need it and where the price is better.

ETA: I'd buy from a mill, but the nearest is several hours away.


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Jan 23, 2021
Oh My... I thought it was only talking about chickens feed. I have a feed mill 4 miles from me so They make me up a recipe & I buy it in the hundreds of pounds to save $ & store it in metal trash cans. I only have 1 cat now so I buy his feed where ever I can find it the cheapest... But I do only feed him grain free.

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