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  1. On the bright side he never has to worry about getting dirt under his nails...

  2. I'm gonna have to do this with the waterer I've got a heat lamp over the tubs till I get a heat pad without auto shut off, The lamp dries out the crystals pretty fast I guess the central heat in here makes the humidity lower also, I noticed that a lot of mine have their antenna missing parts or all of them. I'm betting he seller has some very large colonies LOL
  3. Daniel Webster must not have had chickens! Waterer is misspelled and spell checker offers no correct spelling why wouldn't a word that is used as much as this one in poultry and other livestock circles have never been added to the dictionary? just a random though LOL
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  5. poultryand bees

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    I see that you upgraded to a Platinum membership. Does being able to set the number of posts per page in your view screen make it easier to get BYC to load for you?
  6. Seems to me to take just as long to load the page set to 100 posts as it did before makes catching up easier for me anyway, I don't have anything blocked like sig lines etc.. so far I like it better this way,
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    I've got one EXTREMELY LOUD ee in the hatcher tonight. He's making so much noise that the babies in the brooder in the next room are answering back. I hope the rest of the eggs pip soon. So far only two others are rocking a little, but maybe by tomorrow I'll have another hatcher full of fluffy babies.

    My home-schooling friend is ready to have the chicks she hatched picked up. I didn't hear from her directly, but DH reports that they are starting to fly. Some are bumping their heads on the screen top of the brooder. That's a really good sign. [​IMG]
  8. I'll be at Blanchard tomorrow also, I had several things I was going to take but considering the weather I'm gonna scale back a tad LOL
  9. Duck question, I found a nest with 5 eggs in it and removed them, the next day found another and she hasn't laid in it since, Will taking the eggs cause the duck to find a new nest or has she maybe taken a break, I found another nest with 5 eggs in it I don't know if it's the same hen or another one, The first one I found is one of the Pekin hens I got from Coral not sure who is laying in the other nest.
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    Dont know much about ducks. But if I want a hen to keep laying and dont want to leave the eggs in the box. I put a few golf balls in the nest. Might work with ducks too.

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