Pendulous crop?

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  1. micstrachan

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    Thanks for your guidance. So by stiff fabric, you mean a non-stretch fabric, right? Not an athletic sock, but something more like denim?
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  2. micstrachan

    micstrachan Free Ranging

    Also, if the firm nugget is compaction, is a crop bra bad for that? I guess I’ll feel her this morning and figure it out from there, but she’s had a small, persistent nugget and a hanging/low crop that isn’t always huge.
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  3. Saaniya

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    I've read that Pen. CROP treatment include 72hrs water therapy
    & Crop Bra ..
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  4. TwoCrows

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    Denim should work well as you don't want stretchy on the pad itself, only the straps holding it.

    Has she been wormed recently? Sometimes an overload of worms can back up a crop, however if her comb is bright red and she is outside digging to China, chances are she's not sick with anything. (Just some thoughts here.)
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  5. micstrachan

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    Since it’s Saturday and I don’t need to rush to work, I am sitting inside the chicken run to observe. Ruby is seeking out leaves to eat. She also has intermittent periods of this, standing fluffed with eyes closed and favoring a foot.
    She clearly doesn’t feel well. I haven’t seen her do this until today, but it’s possible she has during the week while I’m at work.

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  6. micstrachan

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    Got a fecal float recently that came back negative, but it wasn’t the freshest. Her crop is a bit firm, but not huge this morning. Should I massage it gently? She is drinking the copper water, though not excessively.
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  7. micstrachan

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    I massaged her crop gently for a little bit she was hovering near me which was kind of cute. I decided to let them run around to see how she behaves in the field. As soon as I opened the gate, she ran over to my neighbors yard and started scratching.

    I’m not freaking out yet, because Bridge did this one day recently. Margo was doing terrible body language and ended up needing antibiotics. But I’m hoping since I’ve started the copper Ruby might start showing improvement in a couple days.
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  8. micstrachan

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    Ok, one more thought. Again along the lines of Mother Nature knowing best. Ruby is active today outside the pen. She did sit in a dirt ditch at one point, but did not appear to be dust bathing. One day recently, I think the day I went home at lunch, Ruby was sitting in a ditch when I got home. Do you think she could be sitting in there to support her crop? That would be some pretty amazing instinct!
  9. micstrachan

    micstrachan Free Ranging

    Oh, crap. I just realize the copper wasn’t properly dissolved into the water, which means it’s concentrated at the bottom, and Ruby has been drinking it. Is that a problem? Should I redo all the waterers?

    Edited to add: I just emptied the little red part on the bottom, shook up the bottle, and turned it back upright.
  10. micstrachan

    micstrachan Free Ranging

    @TwoCrows, what if they won’t drink the copper water?

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