PLEASE HELP! Chicken was attacked by dog!


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Sep 18, 2013
Adrian, Mi
My 1 and a half month old black copper maran was caught by my sisters visiting dog today:( he has a busted wing and a big rip in his skin under the other wing. I gave him a bath and have him separated from the other chickens but I'm just wondering if I have false hope for the little guy or should I put him down? I need some suggestions to help him out!
I'm trying to upload some pics so hopefully those will give some perspective.
If the dogs got a bite in on him, then he needs the wounds sterilized and course of anti-biotics, you'll also have to keep him warm and calm to help with shock.

The shiny part is muscle
That looks like a terrible wound, Defiantly sterilize it, and if you have any bird anti-biotics they would also be a good idea, this will possibly be a long recovery and no promise that he will make it from what i can see but if your willing to care for him then defiantly give it a shot.
Do you have a suggestion on what to sterilize it with? I read that peroxide isn't good for their skin. I do have some triple anti biotic ointment.
that sounds good im not quite sure what it is, To be honest i really wouldnt know where to start on what to use for sterilization on a bird wound mine we just gave anti-biotics but they had minor wounds nothing like this. sorry.
I had a hen attacked by a hawk, peeled her skin down her back, feathers and all. It really was a horrible wound and I didnt have much hope of her surviving. I cleaned her wound with warm soapy water, followed by peroxide and then sprayed the wound with purple spray, got that from Family Farm and Home. It has an antiseptic in it and also turns the wound purple to stop chickens from pecking at the red. I separated her and started her on an antibiotic. Also gave her some pedilyte for a couple days. She did fine and recovered well. Before I could get to the store I did put A&D on the wound. I hope this helps, sounds like you are already doing a great job! As for not using peroxide, honestly have not heard that, but at the time its all I had. Maybe if you didnt use it everyday it would be ok.
Others with similar situations.

Read through these threads for what they did or was advised to do to save their chickens with similar case as yours.

Saline solution is the best thing for your case. Peroxide can be used for a 1st time treatment for infection, but large open wounds, like this is not good. Peroxide damages new tender growth of flesh. After cleansing daily for many days and after each wash, apply ointments to keep the open flesh from drying out, or open to bacteria (which is everywhere).

There are several ointments that people use. BlueKote, Triple antibiotic cream (make sure no pain relief variety), and in my case I used both Triple antibiotic cream and Veterycin(horse product for wounds). You may also use honey and put some salt mixed with it, but DO NOT use processed. It must be RAW honey.

You must keep your chicken away from the others and where no flies are present. The flies will be drawn to the wound and lay eggs in it. Then you'll have maggots=flystrike.

You need to put her on a heavy does of antibiotics. Penicillin injections is best. Oral has way less value.

Saline solution, make your own:
8 ounces of distilled water
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of salt

Bring water to just boiling, add soda and salt, dissolves in 1min, will look cloudy.
Cool and poor in a sterilized container. If you have a glass container, boil it ahead of time and lid too.
Do not dip anything into this and contaminate it.
Pour on chicken wound.
Should keep for weeks.
Store room temp.
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I really appreciate all the help! I did give him some watered down peadialite(luckily I have kids!) he seems to be doin ok for now. I've been checking on him randomly and he's been good. Definitely going to get him anti biotics tomorrow

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