PLEASE HELP. Sick chicken?

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    May 7, 2016
    About 4 days ago, I noticed my EE seemed a little quieter than normal. She is the personality of the flock, and my favorite little fluff ball. Every time I open the back door, I know what her day consisted of. But these last few days she's been trying to talk to me, and all I get it a very airy, high pitch chime. It's almost like a whisper. She basically lost her voice, poor thing. It's very unlike her to not express her true thoughts. Anyway, I'm started to freak out because it's not going away and I don't know what to do to help her. Also, I don't have an easy way of getting medicine if I need it.

    Something new I noticed tonight, after making her high pitch chime, I can hear her breathe sounding louder than usual which concerns me. She has been acting mostly normal from what I've noticed. I've seen her eat fairly normally, she has her normal energy, no nasal leakage, no watery eyes... I haven't seen her drink for a while but I have an automatic water system so she likely is drinking but I haven't seen that recently.

    Any suggestions? I was wondering if it could be mites or some type of insects. It has been much more wet and much cooler outside thanks to fall.

    Any help would be much appreciated! [​IMG]
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    It sounds like it could be a respiratory issue. Personally, I'd separate her from the flock to try and prevent the problem spreading. Rather than guessing, here's a link to respiratory diseases that may help you to decide if the symptoms match them (very few symptoms are disease-specific, I should add). In the absence of veterinary diagnosis one is taking a bit of a punt on what it could be. If you have any electrolytes / vitamin supplements it would be good to add to her water. If you don't then search "making your own electrolytes" in the search box for simple recipes.

    Best of luck
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